Friday, September 5, 2008

This and That

WOW! I am finally posting. I really am bad with this.
Anywho, the kids are happily settled in school. They seem to like it and are making friends. I knew they would but it is always a worry when we move.
Speaking of kids-the oldest is with the band at away football game.
We didn't go since it was about 3 hours away and we both didn't get off work until 4 & 5 today.
Yep I am working full time-40 hours a week. This is a first with me. I believe that I have been led there and well not sure of the why, yet! I do love the babies though. There are a few of them that just need to be loved on and I do my best.
I started back with PWOC here-it is small compared to where I came from but the ladies all seem very nice. I have started the bible study and while I don't care for all the markings that are taking place in it I am ready to get back into studying the word. I am also doing a bible study at my church. I was suppose to do with my Lonnie but he will be taking the boy to football practice. He is playing tackle for the first time. Pray for him and me that I don't freak out to much.
I am going to stop here I think I may lay down for a bit-my oldest will not get back from the game until late tonight or really early morning depending on how you look at it and I am pooped.
I will try to get better at this.


Conny said...

hey, what Bible studies are you doing?? I'm always looking for recommendations....
I'm anxious to hear how tackle football goes for Lonnie...YIKES! Hope he has lots of fun actually.

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

SOOOOOO COOL BEANERS that we share the same Birthday!..whooowhooo...HapBEEEE early Birthday to you!!
Juggling a new work schedule with everyday life is a challenge...God's purpose in your life will be your great reward. Creative blessings, Debbie

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