Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Wednesday!!!

It is a happy one here! I took off from work-I had a doctor appointment. So here I am. :) My appointment went as well as it could be since I have to go yearly for it. I did get a referral for a procedure to be done in October so that is a good thing. So keep me in your prayers for that if you are the praying type.
Last night we had our last precept bible study! I hate to admit it but am glad-it kicked my booty. It is not one of my favorites. However, we got our new one on Proverbs and I am excited. I started reading it in the truck while waiting for the oldest to get out of band.
Life is busy here. Tonight is the 6th grade bible study that we are teaching. Me the girls and Lonnie the boys. It should be fun! Hopefully we can get done with Lesson 1. lol We are a week behind but I don't mind. Last week one of the girls wanted to lead us in prayer and who can argue with that?! Not me!
The Lord has been calling me to get out of my "box" and I am doing so a little at a time but man is it scary and exciting.
I am still working day care and love the babies.
Well, I am going to go-I have a few small things that I need to get done at the house and then I think I will have a little rest.

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The Khaje Khronicles said...

Hey Bobbie Jo! I thoroughly enjoyed the Kinsman Redeemer Bible study! WOW! It did keep me busy, but it was worth it!

What do you think of the Proverbs study? I'm really enjoying it! Today, I'm working on the section on page 16 titled "Discover the Purpose". I might do the next section today too, but it depends on how much time I have.

What child care center do you work at? I've been thinking about putting Olyvia (my 2 yr old) into part time day care, just to see what she thinks.

I looked further down in your blog. Happy Be-lated Birthday!!

What church do ya'll go to? We go to Lifepoint Baptist.

See you on Tuesday at PWOC!


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