Saturday, May 10, 2008


30 days-for at least an hour and 20 min. give or take!
I had a crazy day! It started out good and then went crazy-I did get it back but boy what a ride.
I had ww and lost .2! Not great but I will take it. Then I has to go to the GS council-got what I needed there and then I headed to Wal*Mart! Then on a whim I called Ben Franklin to see if my order was in and it was-so off I went there. Then I got home and couldn't find the stuff I bought at council and I needed it for the Dinner we were having to honor the girls who earned their bronze &/or Silver. I looked everywhere-tore my car apart, my purse. Nothing! Called Lonnie who is still in Fl and he was so not sympathetic-considering I thought I threw it away and he had the nerve to tell me I should go back to where I think I threw it away and look for it. So, I said I would rather just go buy it again. I told him I would just go in the house to use the bathroom and while I did that I said a little prayer-I so didn't want to drive the 20 min. to go & get what I needed again. I went back out to the car to give it one more look and when I lifted the bag it was there somehow it was stuck to the bottom. Phew! I thanked God for that-I wanted to rest a bit and now I was able to!
We had the dinner & it went well!
I am off to go to bed-I am tired!

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