Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day.............

is almost over! Personally I am glad! I love being a mom but I hate that my mom is gone. I would like to say it is getting easier but that is far from the truth. I miss her but I don't talk to much about since most people have moved on from it and I hate to be a downer since it is what it is.
My day was an OK day-I tried to put on the happy face. I took the kids to church and enjoyed the series from our Pastor Aiea United Methodist Church Home Page just click on sermons: It is all about love. At church they did the slide show of all the moms-I didn't put one of my mom in because then I know I would cry for sure-I did get teary eyed. After church we had ice cream and then the boy and I went to K-mart to buy a card and him a swim suit since the girls were at Youth Group. We then went home and ate lunch and waited for my friend's husband to come and take the bunk beds(one less thing to get rid of). The kids and I then went to the beach on the North Shore. I love the ocean & the sounds but not the sand. I will miss it even though I don't go to much. Then we went grocery shopping instead of eating out for Mother's day. Came home and just vegged the rest of the day.
I talked to Lonnie he is in Rode Island and starts school tomorrow(actually in a couple of hours due to the time change).
Gonna go look at some stuff here and then off to bed-I drive carpool this week!

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