Friday, May 16, 2008

A productive day.........

That is what I had! I am the queen of procrastination and I was on it today! I made my Cadette/Senior Girl Scout awards to present on June 1-I only have 4 more pins to make. I missed counted-not a huge surprise there I hate numbers! lol I updated all the girl records which was HUGE it was over 2 years worth! When I move I like to pass on to the new leader all of that and well I wait to the last minute-which is dumb considering I have this wonderful program G-Scoutmate: Girl Scout Troop/Group and Service Unit Management Softwarethat Lonnie bought me a few years ago. All I have left to do is the financial records and that is it! Not only did I do that but I shredded more stuff that needed to be done. I did the dishes and wrote checks for the kids stuff. Phew! I feel good!
I spoke to Lonnie today and had a good conversation. :) He got his results back about his leadership skills,etc. I knew he would do well & they even told him what he needs to work on which is what I have been telling him but you know I know nothing. I don't mean that to be flippant but when it comes to the "family" side of the military he doesn't or hasn't got it. I think after seeing his results he sees that I wasn't being hard on him just stating the facts. I really am proud of him and I told him so!
We have a closing date on the house-as it stands June 4! OMG!!! I am over the moon and so want to get there and get settled!
Well, that is my day-going to read a bit on here, do my devotional and bed I go!

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