Saturday, May 17, 2008

Early posting

I am early tonight! Go me!!!! I had a crazy kind of day where I was in the car quite a bit! However, I got all of my errands ran so it wasn't a total pain. I was able to pick up the last of what I needed for my Cadette/Senior troop. Which made me happy! :)
I talked to Lonnie a couple of times today! He got out of class early since it was Friday! He was just hanging out and doing laundry! Tomorrow him and his buddy is going exploring. Sounds like fun! I will be at the boy's baseball game and then we have small group for church. I am sure this will be my last since we leave in 23 days! C is marching in the Pineapple Parade: The Annual Wahiawa Pineapple Festival Pineapple, Wahiawa, Festival, Plantation, Parking
Then she is helping at the festival as a fundraiser for the band and then going with me to small group.
J is just hanging out at the house until small group.
A full day for our house.

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