Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thanks-#4

Day 4

Yes it is 1:22AM and so this is going to be early for once! I still haven't figured out how to do it on my phone. lol
Anywho, we are leaving in the morning-later than this to go to Jordan's "last" football game of the regular season-not sure if we will make it to the play-off games or not. So we wanted to go & support our favorite"water girl" aka a Trainer(LOL)

Today I am thankful that even though the drive will be long that we are able to do it & it should be fun!! We are all going or I should say 3 of us are going + the Boy's friend to support Jordan & the Cats!!!!! I think the Boy is most excited about missing school! lol :)

Also,I am thankful that Big Lonnie got the chance to see the Boy play yesterday since the next time he sees it the Boy will be a Junior(he's a Freshman this year) and that he will get to see his Girl before she graduates and flies the coop like the big Sister! :)

Guess I will now go to sleep for a few hours and get this started!!!

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Conny said...

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL trip & a great time together!!
I linked you up! :)

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