Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What has knitting taught me...........

I have always wanted to learn-it was on my "bucket list". So, at our church there was a group of ladies who do the Prayer Shawl ministry and they were going to get together every Tuesday morning before our regular Bible Study group. So, they started and I told them I wanted to do it but didn't know how plus I felt the need to make one for someone who had a stroke the week before. It was on my heart to do something for her!! So, they said they would teach me. I let them know that I would be a difficult student. I am crafty but not in that way. Well they took it on and so we started-they told me what to buy & where and I would begin the lessons the following week. I was excited! So, Tuesday came and I was ready-really ready. It was hard! I had to learn to cast on and then knit. You have to hold your fingers a certain way and not be to tight (still working on that) but not to loose. They tell me it is relaxing-not sure about that. lol I was frustrated but they were calm & patient and encouraged me. So, I practiced-messed up-took pictures of mistakes-put on FB-got help-they even met with me during other times & other places-they encouraged me even when I thought of giving it up. It was hard! I had issues with the yarn so they gave me a different color & bigger colored needles and encouraged me. It was hard! I got through it! I worked on it every chance I got and while working on it I prayed for Joanne! I cried-I prayed-I cried-I prayed-got mad-prayed-happy-prayed. That poor prayer shawl heard things from me that well is better off being unsaid. lol I worked on it and just let a lot of things go. You are probably wondering where the teaching comes in-well as I worked on it and I saw the mistakes-I kept going-I saw the imperfections and those were "me" I may not be perfect but I can still be beautiful. I didn't quit! I kept going! You see that is how God spoke to me while working on the prayer shawl it is ok to not be perfect but He still loves little old me who has issues and what not and that I can do whatever through Him and be a blessing. So, my little crooked with holes, lime green prayer shawl has been loved on and is going to a girl who loves the Lord with all her heart and I pray that little prayer shawl will be a HUGE blessing for her as it was for me. So you never know when and where and how you will get a message from God but when you get it in yarn it does but a colorful spin on life. :)

PS. The prayer shawl has been prayed over by all the ladies in my Tuesday morning Bible Study class and let me say this about them-they are the best thing that ever accepted this hot mess of crazy girl!


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Conny said...

I love that, BJ!! And just like you, that "flawed" shawl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! :)

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