Saturday, November 27, 2010

30 Days of Thanks(Day 27)

Today I am thankful for finally getting the Christmas decorations up! I started on Thursday. lol I kept getting side-tracked. lol

My grandma's tree! It is super old. My mom gave it to me years ago and I still have the box she packed it in w/the shredded paper in it.

This is the Natvity Set that Lonnie bought me our first Christmas. I still love it!

These snowman have our names on them that my favorite Aunt sent to us one year!

Our stockings-I love the holder it spells out PEACE!

This carasel my Mom had made for Lonnie & I our First Christmas. The sound no longer works but it is still perfect. It is my favorite thing. Both girls want it after I am gone.
This is kind of dark but I have 2 reindeer siting on the counter.

The front of the house-I love the wreath on the door. I made it from colored ball ornaments.
I put these up this year.
The front of the house all lit up!


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Conny said...

oh, it's all so nice!!! :) My grandma had the same kind of ceramic tree too!!! :) And yesterday at Kohl's, I almost bought the SAME peace stocking hangers ... but remembered I have NO mantle to put them on!! LOL!!! It would be perfect since we're a family of 5 now! :) Oh well. It looks nice on YOUR mantle. :)

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