Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Days of Thanks (Day 9)

Today I am thankful for my morning Bible study ladies at church. This group of diverse woman make me feel so welcomed and blessed. I love listening to each one give their take on things and that they allow me to say what I think and not be afraid to share. I love learning with them! I also love being able to pray for them and be prayed over by them. I love that they love my family and my family loves them. God is good!

p.s. As a side note today is a better day then yesterday. :)


Conny said...

:) Glad you had a better day today ... I did too! :)

A good Bible study helps too.

Mrs. Doug said...

This "30 Days of Thanks" has been so good for me.

I too participated in a woman's Bible study when I was much younger and had small children at home. I learned there that I was not alone in the challenges I was facing. Before that time I really did not relate well to other women. I had no sisters and my mom who was a wonderful Christian woman, did not communicate with me very well about child rearing or the challenges I would face as a new mom... not only that but she live 1500 miles away.

Thank the Lord he lead me to this wonderful group of older ladies who took me under their wing and taught me. That's the Bible way! I am not able to attend any ladies Bible studies these days 'cause I work all the time, but I'm also in a different place in my life. God just knows what you need when you need it doesn't he?

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