Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Thanks (Day 3)

Today I am thankful for having the time & quiet to get done what I needed for my 6th grade girls Bible Study! It is a lot of fun and a whole lot of work. A few people are not a fan of working with this age group & truth be told I sometimes agree. They are a hard group to love-they are no longer the little kids but certainly are not the big kids either. However with that all being said I overall LOVE it!! Today we are finishing up our first book:

Next week we are going to work on something different-I can't wait! Then in 2011 we will start on the other book. Life is good!

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Conny said...

i'm smack dab in the midst of this age group w/ anna in 5th & andrew in 7th grades ...
your girls are blessed to have you working w/them & caring about them.

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