Tuesday, August 31, 2010


that is what I am! I just got back from a funeral. I dislike them! No I take that back I HATE THEM! I mean I hate them. Today was the first funeral I have been to since my mom passed and I did not like it one stinkin' bit.
Anywho, the funeral we went to was a guy from our church I only met him a few time but his ex-wife and I are friends plus we teach 6th grade girls Bible Study together. So I have gotten to know her and two of her 3 kids rather well. My heart just breaks for them. I won't go into details but it has been a rough few years and now this. How much can one group of people take. I know Trust God and I do but there are moments when I think I just have to ask the "why"-know what I mean.
So, I am dealing with those feelings for them and my own about my Mom-I wonder will it ever stop hurting and waiting for answers for my daughter Jordan. Today we took her back for another round of bloodwork and an ultrasound to see why she is trhowing up every time she eats. She has lost 20 lbs this year and truth be told she can't afford that. So if you are reading this please pray for all those above and Jordan.


Blessed Beyond said...

prayers being sent!

Smelling Coffee said...

Hi Bobbie Jo~ I'm sorry about the funeral situation, and said a prayer for this family, and for you. Also, for your daughter. May the Lord lead all of you to the answers, and bring healing to her body!

On a happy note, YOU WON the Vicki Courtney book on my blog. :-) Congratulations! e-mail me your address and I'll get it to the publicity company. They'll send you the book.

Hope you and your family have a good weekend...


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