Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This boy-my Boy(that is what we call him) prayed out loud tonight at church! He and Chelsea are going through Confirmation and we did "Peter's Walk" and when we came back as a large group-they asked for someone to close in prayer and he volunteered. I am so thankful I was across the room-where I couldn't see him or for sure I would have cried! I did get teary eyed. I wish his Dad could have heard him. This young man just amazes me-he acts immature and goofs off-I do love that about him. He is fun-loving and sweet and nice but to hear him tonight-just WOW! God is moving him! I am grateful-he wasn't raised in church until about 6 years ago(give or take) so this just rocks my socks!

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Barbie said...

((((hugs))) he sounds like an amazing kid! kudos to you mama!

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