Thursday, September 3, 2009

Venting................Please feel free to skip

I am so mad-actually I have calmed down quite a bit thank God! I am working on that! Really I am!! However I just want to let the air out of some tires of a certain boy in the area who is being a huge pain in this momma's side and the kicker it it isn't even my boy! I am trying to find the good in all of this but I am just mad/hurt for my girl. I so want to shake her and tell her to kick him to the curb and that there is someone who is out there will treat her like the princess she should be. So, what has me worked up-we had a dinner to go to with Lonnie's boss. I mean I could have gotten out of it and no one would have cared-they understand. But Lonnie wanted me there and truth be told I wanted to meet his new boss. So, I knew I had to get Chelsea from Drivers Ed and asked her if she could find a ride home so I could go-she asked her boyfriend who said yes. Phew I was grateful and told her to tell him that I really appreciated it. So, fast forward to today at 5:20 I am picking up from Marching Band and she gets a text saying Oh BTW I can't do it after all I forgot I had fantasy football. WHAT??@@@@@@!!!!!!! So, she tells me and yep I am hot-dinner is at 6:30 and she is done at 8:00 PM! She wanted to guilt him into doing it and I told her she just needed to text him back and say don't worry about it! She did and I told her I would find someone or I would just do it myself! Luckily I have very good friends/neighbors who were able to help me out which I hate to ask for something so trivial but still. So I am thankful for good people to help but it didn't make me feel great about him. Know what I mean? Anywho that is what got my panties in a bunch. I did go to dinner and had a nice time over all except for the fact that I was the only spouse but that could be a whole different vent and well I think I have vented enough.
So, if you made it this far-thanks! Please pray for me to get over this with the boy and learn to let things go and pray for my girl.


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Conny said...

:( I'm sorry the guy let you all down by not making good on his promise because of Fantasy Football @@ but I hope it isn't a trend that will continue. I guess at that age, some boys don't realize what it means when you give your word. Maybe he'll learn?!!

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