Thursday, July 2, 2009

Show Us Where you Live Friday........

Kelly @ Kelly'sKorner is again hosting

This week it is Yards & Garages. :) Don't be excited about mine-we haven't done a darn thing outside other than plant 2 trees in the front yard. We have no idea what we want. lol
Before I show you the yard and garage-I am going to put up the next one to which is the foyer/entrance. I am leaving town on Tuesday and well-I doubt I will get online and I have no idea how to schedule it for later-so enjoy!

Here's our garage. We are able to get both cars in here!

Now onto the yard......

This is the front of the house!

This is right by the front of the house between the garage & the front door! I want to do something cute but not sure what.

Now onto the backyard. We are thinking about getting a pool next year. Would have loved to do it this year but with our trip we decided to wait until next year. Give us more time to decide if yes we are getting it and what type.

This is the side yard where the gate is so come on back.

Standing in the back corner

Standing in the corner in the back looking the other way

Standing in the back corner looking at the porch

The shed-the best thing we could have bought-it got all the storage stuff out of the garage. :)

Two views of my patio stuff-love it!

A sitting area!

Just because they spend a lot of time out in the back & they are cute! :)
How they spend a lot of their time!

So now onto the foyer:
Come on in.....

Coat closet and my Virgin Mary statue. It gets put up in every house I have lived in. My grandma had it blessed along with my rosary by the Pope-she gave it to me even though I am not Catholic. Also on the little shelf I have my rosary that is made from roses that I got when I went to Rome and my palm cross from church one year.

My Italian Marble bakers rack and picture that we got right before we left Italy.

Thanks for stopping by!


Pam said...

You have a lovely house and yard. Cute puppers too.

Heather said...

Your home is so pretty and yard is wonderful!!! Cute puppies!

Conny said...

I LOVE your house!!!! :) And cute new blog background too.

Rebekah said...

Very pretty. I am still waiting to close on our house and move in. Monday is the day. then I will post some pictures

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