Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Great title don't ya think? I have been thinking all day about what to write and I got a whole lot of nothing. lol I mean there are all these thoughts running around my head but nothing of blog worthiness (cool I just spelled that right-even though it looks wrong-lol)!

It was a good day overall! It started out rough but that is because I slept yucky(even more so than usual). However, while getting ready for lunch out I was deep in prayer. I have had a great deal on my mind. Some good-some bad-and some U*G*L*Y but I feel a peace about it. I know it isn't over but I do feel better. You know I was thinking that sometimes even when we are doing what we think is right and may not. We all bring baggage into life and sometimes we continue to carry it even when it is empty or so we think. Make sense? It is ok to change your process-it is ok to not know everything even when it is expected. And at the end of the day you just have to say Life is good. WOW! So much for not having anything. lol

Had our last PWOC for the year! It was bitter sweet! It was a good study! Learned a lot even when I didn't think so. It is a good group of Ladies who are good for me. The sad part is De'Etta our leader is PCSing! I am happy for her and her family-going to Japan(btw I am still jealous about it-lol) I have only known her for a year and what a good year for me. :) She is definitely a good friend and she has ministered to me even when she wasn't aware. :) Thanks De'Etta!

So, I guess I should call it a night-I am tired and I am working on a massive headache.


Conny said...

Hey girl. I hope you can get some rest...and that the headache stays away. I kind of had to think about what you said how we all carry baggage, even though sometimes it is empty ... or so we think. I think I get it! Can I quote you on that?! That may lead to some deep thinking! :)

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Is your head better yet?

I'm going to miss you.... I liked the empty baggage thought....thinking more on it. I'd give about anything to see an empty house about now. LOL

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