Friday, March 20, 2009


Isn't that cute? I just thought it was.
So, tonight we met some people. It was so nice. Our boys play on the same team and their son wanted the Boy to spend the night. So, we brought him home to shower and get clean clothes and we took him over. We had to wait for them-we beat them. lol And so they invited us in for a glass of wine. It was so nice to chat with them. I love my military friends and stuff but it was so nice to not have that be the topic of the whole conversation. I know I have friends on here and I so hope I don't offend anyone but sometimes I just get tired of all the military speak. I mean we did talk about where we have been and so did they but it wasn't the whole time. We are going to try and get together again. Oh I hope so. I noticed that my whole mood changed-sure it could have been the wine :) but I think I realized that I really do need to get out there and make friends-it has been to long. I have my PWOC girls who I love but I think I need more then weekly get togethers. However, I have come to realize that I really need to work on that-I am use to having my kids be the buffer and now that they are older it is happening less and less and now I need to do more of it on my own! Know what I mean?

And more friend news- I heard from my best friend in high school! WOW!!! It has been far to long. I haven't seen her since my mom's passing but even then I didn't really talk to her. It was so nice getting the e-mail and I hope she e-mails me back.

So, to all my friends both online and in real life-THANK-YOU!

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