Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Updating & planning

Phew! I have updated my calendar and am working on meal planning. I like having my calendar color-coded. It makes life so much easier. I highly recommend it!

We all have our own color and this way everyone knows where they need to be. Even when the kids were little & couldn't read they knew their color and knew they had something to do that day! As a family we share one color so if you see Orange then the whole group is doing it!

Now onto meal planning! I am not as well developed in this area. I like to be but fall a little short. I am working hard at getting it well organized. Plus I want to start making some new meals. So, if anyone has any good recipes send them my way! I do make a lot of WW friendly meals and will continue to do that even though I have currently fell off the wagon. I am a stress eater and have had an "issue" on my mind-I am working through it with prayer. I will no longer beat myself up over it but will strive to do better.

So, my laundry is almost ready to be put in the dryer and so that means another load into the wash and then for me it is some reading of my devotional and bed.


Conny said...

wow, girl, you are GOOD....I love your color-coded calendar. Good luck w/ the meal you know, I struggle in this area. a lot!!

Shannon said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

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