Saturday, February 21, 2009


I haven't really posted since Wednesday! I mean I have posted but nothing of my own other than a recipe. So I thought I would jump on here before going to bed. Life has just been busy. We have been dealing with the yard and well the shed(should be built on Monday). That has been a mess!
On Wednesday we have Bible Study for 6th graders. And as we were leaving ( we take home our one kid and then the neighbors 4) Well every week we say to them " Do not jump over the railing" and every week they jump over the railing. Well our boy told his friend not to do it because he was barely clearing it and was going to get hurt. Well he did it anyway and yep he got hurt! He broke his arm in two places. It is bad! As a matter of fact he will be in the hospital for a few days(that was the last update I got). I feel bad that it happened on my watch. Plus I hate to think of what the cost will be. I know they have insurance but not sure if it will be enough. So, if you can keep this boy and his family in your prayers I would appreciate it!

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