Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This has been on my mind today! What exactly is it? Here is the definition:

Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English purpos, from Anglo-French, from purposer to intend, propose, from Latin proponere (perfect indicative proposui) to propose - More at - propound
Date: 14th century
1. a something set up as an object or end to be attained : intention b. b resolution determination
2. a subject under discussion or an action in course of execution - Synonym - see intention

So, I get the meaning of course but how do I relate it to me? I am sure it is tying in with my prayer for Lonnie and my "words" but I would like for it all to be in a pretty little package with clear instructions. Wouldn't that be nice?

Anywho, I have been reviewing my 3 Bible verses that I have already memorized and am still learning! That was fun-I combined all 3. Oops! I don't think that was the goal but I did realize that I was able to give more thought on them. I even started on my Bible Study-I am trying to do a little each day vs all the day before. I know that has always been the plan but I don't do it that way. I do well at first and then go right back to the day before or two at least.

Had my 6th grade girls Bible Study-phew! Those girls are nuts in a good way. I love 'em. We were talking about renewing your mind and being transformed. And somehow we got a little off subject-lol like that never happens every week. lol
Anywho, one of the girls asked a question:" Can I still be friend with a girl who doesn't follow Christ." WOW!!! These girls are thinking! And asking!! So, we talked about it and how it can work out and maybe God has put this girl to be led to Christ by you or for you to do "wrong" and make a choice. WOW!! I love watching them "figure" things out! They are fun!

I guess I should go this is long!

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