Thursday, January 29, 2009


I just got back with my lunch with the Navy "commander"-he was such a cheap date! lol (In case anyone who reads this & doesn't know-I am married to him. :)
Anywho, it was nice-the AF really know how to set up an area for it. Normally we are lucky to get just enough seats. The sad part about the whole thing was that it was set up for some of the spouses (1) who asked for it and (2) need it and they didn't even come. There were only 3 of us and we each have the following years under our belt 20+, 18+ and 15 years. Oh well we listened to the speakers and had a nice lunch. What can you do!
Jordan is home again today-I think she just has a really bad cold. I went out and bought a new thermometer and she doesn't have a "temp" it is 99.1;heck, mine was higher at 99.4 which is normal for me!
Tonight Lonnie & I are going to go meet the "CATS" this is the softball team-Jordan is not going but she really doesn't need to go they just want/need us and our checkbook! :)

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