Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, Monday

Ahhhh!! The Mama's & the Papa's! Love that song!
Anywho what a day! Phew! I am so glad that there is only one Monday a week! lol
Work was well-it was Monday! I got there and found out that they moved up 2 babies today! Just like that-no warning. And the funny part is the two they moved up-one is my "baby" and the other is the girl I work with! lol Oh well! When I went to the main building to get stuff I saw them and my "baby" yelled: Mama!!! LOL! I laughed! I am sad to see her go but it was her time to move up. So, we ended up with only 8 babies in our room! I must say that was a perfect amount! We can have 13 but 8 is great! lol They still don't have the dryer fixed-so off I went to the gym there to dry our stuff. I am only doing one big load after lunch since no one else is doing it and it is a pain. I really hope the dryer is fixed tomorrow!
Life has been crazy-the kids have exams this week and then they are off for winter break! They are ready for it-me not so much!
I have been thinking about my mom like crazy. :( It is still very hard. We talked about her today at work and it was very hard for me not to cry. On Sunday her name was mentioned in the bulletin-we bought a poinsettia in her honor. I didn't think it would still upset me so. I try not to mention it because I don't want to bring anyone down. I just need to make it to January 4(She passed away on January 3).
I think I will go for now I want to do some reading on here and then I am going to lay down-the one girl I work with who's baby I watch on Friday's isn't feeling well and is running a slight temperature I told her to call me if she needed to!

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

{{{Bobbie Jo}}}, praying for you. This time of year is hard when your loved ones aren't near and losing your mom on Jan 3 - well it is bound to be emoitonal. Praying.

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