Monday, May 19, 2008

Your Countdown is also exactly 20 days.

Holy canola! That is what my countdown says! We are almost in the teen range! Yikes! This is happening and happening fast!
We said our good-byes at church today! Man that was hard! I really wanted to sneak out quietly-since they said our "official" good-byes with leis on the Sunday Lonnie left but I kept being "told" to say something. Man I tied to ignore it but there it was. So, I did during the prayer time. It was hard-I started to get a little teary eyed. This church has been a blessing to me and my family! As I stated before I lost my mom the day before we were suppose to arrive and that was hard. I has just got baptized in 2005 and well I was and still am struggling with God and all of that but I felt at peace somewhat. However, when I finally got here I hadn't found a church or actively looked but there was this call on my heart that at the time I couldn't put my finger on but it was there. So,finally in July I found Aiea Methodist Church and have attended pretty regularly-missing few Sundays mostly when I have GS camp. It is a great little church with good people! It is mostly the older population along with military folks. They have been blessing to me and most of them have no real idea how important they are to me. They have loved on my family and to me that is huge. I really could go on but I just don't want to cry anymore today. Moving on......
Anywho, tonight was my last "regular" meeting with my Cadette/Senior troop and boy what a good one. We had a life coach/motivation speaker and she was AWESOME! I have never seen my girls so quiet just listening and hanging on her word. It truly was a sight. The next time I see my whole troop or most of them will be on our Court of Award night.
Well, this is long and I am in a mood so I will end here!

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