Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Here I am again! I have had a long day and plan on making this short or relatively short! Today I have spent getting things to put out for bulk pick up which is tomorrow. The kids and I were able to get the majority out and it was a lot. We will have one more bulk pick up in two weeks and then that is it! I was able to take apart & put back together the computer. Go me! For a minute I had doubts but then I got it right. So, now we are working on the old table. I like having all space but it just feel weird on the placement of the keyboard. Oh well-not much longer.
Well, I am going to go & finish reading my book for bible study! I love the book: "Beautiful in God's Eyes" by Elizabeth George but not the workbook and so I put it off unitl the class which is tomorrow. I go to PWOC( PWOC Mission Statement) which I love to be with these wonderful woman. I have only been going for three semesters and tomorrow is our last one for the year. I am bummed. I pray that I will find a group like this in Texas.
So, off I go!

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