Monday, May 26, 2008


That is what I have been since I last posted! Between doing the mom thing and getting the house and stuff done so we can move into the hotel-life has been crazy!
Friday-I had to go to the Boy's school to watch the May Day Program. My boy did the hula! I took video but have no idea how to put it on here. Then after that we went and ran a ton of errands. Then baseball. Saturday dropped off the boy so he could do a 10 mile hike/swim/over-nighter with his Boy Scout troop, the girls and I went to a workshop, then the oldest & I went to the Band Banquet. Got home around 1 AM and slept until 7. Picked up the boy then got ready for the Memorial Day program. Seven of my Cadette/Senior troop did the flag ceremony then we helped put flags on all the graves. I have pictures for that but right now my program is acting up and I am to tired to deal with it.
Tomorrow my troop is going to Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park Home Powered by Digital Mediums to spend some of our cookie money.
So, I am out but before I do-I do wanted to say that this time(11:34 PM Hawaii time) in two weeks we will be flying!! :::::::happy dance::::::::::
I am ready to go! I miss my husband! I miss my bed! I miss my stuff! And I am ready for the new adventure and the new house!

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